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Family Owned Agribusiness
Vanilla bean farmersFITNCLEAN HERBS AND SPICES (FITNCLEAN VANILLA SPICE) is a family owned agribusiness which is centered and focused on vanilla beans. We import the finest vanilla beans across the globe, notably from Madagascar, Tahiti, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. We source directly from the farmer to the end-user sidelining the middlemen hence we are able to offer competitive prices. Also, due to our direct sourcing business model, we are able to shorten the distribution time and limit the storage duration which enables us to offer consistently fresh and fragrance-full vanilla pods and vanilla products to our customers.

Partnering with Farmers
By partnering directly with the farmers, we are able to offer very generous prices for their harvests and also present to them feedbacks from the end-users. This co-operation also enables us to identify and acquire the vanilla from only farmers who engage in organic and earth preservative practices. The direct communication with the farmers and the end-users positions our company to bring to the market the best vanilla pods and vanilla products. Whiles our primary responsibility is to offer premium beans at competitive prices and stellar services to our customers, we are equally vested in doing our part to ensure sustainable and healthy mother earth.

Tahitian Vanilla Beans
Tahitian Vanilla Beans
Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Madagascar Bourbon Gourmet Vanilla
Customer Testimonials

“So fresh and soft bean, and the flavor is out of this world…”
— Mary

“Moist and full vanilla beans. I love them…”
— Anna

“These beans were very fresh not dry or split and all at least 6 inches in length.”
— Jeff

Madagascar vanilla beans

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