Who we are

FITNCLEAN VANILLA is an online inventory for culinary enthusiasts to buy premium vanilla beans at competitive prices. Whatever your vanilla needs and requirements are, we have options for you in our repertoire. Vanilla, we believe, is more than just a spice; it's a sensory experience that takes your culinary creations to new heights.

We carry a prime selection of handpicked, superior-quality Vanilla Beans Wholesale Bulk sourced from sustainable farms around the world, notably from Madagascar, Tahiti, Uganda, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. We partner with small growers without the use of middlemen or distribution companies and their complex systems. This cut down the supply chain and reduces the transit time, resulting in consistently fresh and fragrance-full vanilla bean pods for sale to our customers. With this business model, we are also able to offer fair and considerate prices to our dedicated and cherished farmers. Essentially, we interface between the farmers and the vanilla bean end-user, enabling generous prices for the farmers and fresh aromatic beans at great prices for the vanilla bean user

Our Journey

Welcome to Fitnclean Herbs and Spices! Our quest is to bring you the best vanilla beans from around the globe. Vanilla is not only the world's most consumed flavor; it also captivates our senses. Vanilla is a flavor that is essentially accepted and appreciated by everyone. Vanilla is used in pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and also in baked goods. It is this universality with vanilla that endears us to this orchid plant. And we have never relented in sourcing the ultimate best vanilla bean products for our customers.

Our adventure begins with a tremendous respect for the farmers who cultivate and harvest vanilla beans with the highest care and expertise. At FITNCLEAN we source our products from traditional farms using sustainable cultivation and harvesting practices. Our collaboration with co-operative and artisan organic farmers ensures that the products we bring to our customers are the very best possible. If you are looking for the most classic vanilla flavor, we have beans from Madagascar to satisfy your need. If you love the floral essence of the Tahitiensis vanilla species, we have a selection from Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia for you to pick from. We have huge options perfectly suited to your preferences and recipes.

Our Principles

Fitnclean Herbs and Spices is dedicated to ethical environmental standards. We collaborate closely with our farmers to promote sustainable farming practices. Our beans are meticulously cured using the traditional bourbon processes, which results in their distinct flavors and tastes. We are diligent in our selection process, by which each vanilla bean is inspected and evaluated several times to ensure that it meets our exacting quality standards.

We believe in giving back to the people who harvest this treasured spice, and we support initiatives that help vanilla farmers and their families improve their livelihoods. To start with, we believe strongly in fair trade and ethical sourcing. These 2 pillars if strictly adhered to have the tremendous ability to lift these farming communities from abject poverty.