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How are the beans packaged?

They are packed in vacuum-sealed bags.

I want beans that are moist and plump not the drier variety.

The characteristics of the pods are indicated by the Grade: The Grade A pods are moist, plump, supple, aromatic and 5-7inch long.

How do you store these beans and how long can they be stored?

If kept in vacuum-sealed bag and stored in dry environment they can last for about 1yr.

How do I keep the beans fresh and moist after it’s opened?

Re-vacuum seal. For short storage periods (weeks to months), you can store them in a mason jar/airtight container, if you don’t have a vacuum-sealer.

Which grade of beans is better for extraction? I understand Grade B is the preferred grade but you sell Grade A for extraction. Why?

All grades – A, B and C can be used for extraction. The better the quality, the shorter the maceration time. Grade B is often recommended for extraction because you get a fairly good quality for a relatively lower cost.

Are these vanilla beans organic?

FITNCLEAN VANILLA beans are sourced from organic cooperative farmers which means they do not use GMO plants, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. However, if they are not stamped with “Certified Organic” it means they have NOT gone through a 3rd party Organic Certification process.

Can these beans be used to flavor wines during wine-making?


Does it contain any alcoholic ingredients?

No. These are just cured whole vanilla bean pods. They are not fermented.

How many beans are in a 1/4 pound?

It depends on length/size, moisture content and bean density. For the Grade As, 1/4Lb will contain between 30-40pods.

Can the beans be infused into a carrier oil to make home-made body/hair oil?

Vanilla oil extracted with glycerin (not alcohol) or the whole bean can be used in body/hair oil. Vegetable glycerin-vanilla extract is often used in lotions, soaps and beauty products.

Is there any way to make vanilla extract without alcohol?

The most common agent used for non-alcoholic vanilla extract is vegetable glycerin. Note that you can boil off the alcohol after alcohol extract.