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26 Tahitian Vanilla Beans Grade B Extract Exclusive Bulk

  • GRADE B TAHITIAN VANILLA BEANS: These are whole oily fresh bean pods (not too wet and not dry; just about the right moisture content for extract making) with the same rich aroma of the gourmet grade.
  • USES: For extraction - cut into smaller pieces, immerse in alcohol and wait for your vanilla flavor extract.
  • VANILLA TAHITIENSIS: NON-GMO, traditional harvest, conditioned for the characteristic floral flavor, rare in supply and deservedly nicknamed “The Queen of Vanilla”. About 4- 5” length, vacuum-sealed pack and ready to be shipped to your kitchen.
  • DON’T REFRIGERATE. They lose moisture and flavor on refrigeration. Store in airtight bag, in a cool dry place for a longer shelf life (~1yr). Thus, our beans are packed in BPA-free, food-grade vacuum sealed bags to maintain freshness for a longer time.
  • WE ARE PROUD OF OUR BEANS & STRIVE FOR COMPLETE AND HAPPY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We go the extra mile to offer the best vanilla beans to our customers. If our beans do not meet your expectations, please email us and we will do whatever we can to meet your expectations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Carolyn Castanon
The Queen of Vanilla Indeed

I've tried many different types of vanilla beans, but these Tahitian beans truly are the Queen of Vanilla. The pods are shorter than the gourmet grade, but they still pack a punch in terms of flavor. The floral notes are delicate and unique. I'm in love with these beans!

David E.
A Culinary Treasure

I consider these Tahitian vanilla beans a true culinary treasure. The flavor and aroma they impart to my dishes are simply unparalleled. They are worth every penny and I can't recommend them enough. Treat yourself to the best vanilla experience with these beans!

Deliciously Floral

I can't get enough of the floral taste and fragrance of these Tahitian vanilla beans. They add such a unique and delightful flavor to my desserts. The beans are plump and the moisture content is perfect. I will definitely be ordering more of these beans in the future.

Stacy O.
A Game Changer

Using these Tahitian vanilla beans has been a game changer for me. The flavor they provide is unlike anything I've experienced before. The beans are of exceptional quality and I highly recommend them to anyone who loves to cook and bake.

Amazing vanilla beans!

I am absolutely blown away by the quality of these Tahitian vanilla beans! They have a rich, floral taste and fragrance that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. The pods are plump and full of moisture, and the beans inside are dark and oily. I used them to make homemade vanilla extract and it turned out incredible. These beans are definitely worthy of being called the Queen of Vanilla!