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2oz Tahitian Vanilla Beans Grade B Extract Exclusive Bulk | 4"-6" Whole Raw NON-GMO PODS by FITNCLEAN VANILLA

  • GRADE B TAHITIAN VANILLA BEANS: These are whole oily bean pods (not too wet and not dry; just about the right moisture content for extract and other uses) with the same rich aroma of the gourmet grade.
  • USES: For extraction - cut into smaller pieces, immerse in alcohol and wait for your vanilla flavor extract.
  • Vanilla Beans by the weight is the best way to go. No matter the size, you get the same mass - 2oz.
  • MORE VANILLA FOR LESS MONEY: More vanilla at a lower cost for quality extraction, and shorter extraction duration.
  • VANILLA TAHITIENSIS: NON-GMO, traditional harvest, conditioned for the characteristic floral flavor, rare in supply and deservedly nicknamed “The Queen of Vanilla”. Minimun 5” length, vacuum-sealed pack and ready to be shipped to your kitchen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Michael T.
Great Value for Money

With these Grade B Tahitian vanilla beans, you get more vanilla for less money. The 2oz pack contains a generous amount of beans, and they have the same rich aroma as the gourmet grade. Plus, their shorter length means a shorter extraction duration. It's a win-win for both taste and budget.

Bernice Q.
Perfect for Homemade Extract

If you're looking to make your own vanilla extract, these Tahitian Vanilla Beans are perfect. The bean pods are the ideal moisture level and have a rich aroma. Highly recommend for DIY extract enthusiasts!

Rare and Floral

These Vanilla Tahitiensis beans are truly a rare find. The floral flavor is distinct and adds a unique touch to my culinary creations. It's non-GMO and harvested traditionally, ensuring the best quality. I'm thrilled to have these in my kitchen!

Exquisite Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of the Tahitian Vanilla Beans is simply exquisite. The floral notes add a delicate touch to my desserts and the beans are packed with flavor. I'm thoroughly impressed!

Delicious and Aromatic

These Tahitian vanilla beans are absolutely amazing! They have a distinct floral taste and fragrance that sets them apart from other vanilla varieties. The bean pods are plump and full of flavor. I love using them for making homemade vanilla extract. Highly recommend!