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26 Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans Extract Exclusive Grade B. 4.5" - 5.5" by FITNCLEAN VANILLA. Certified USDA Organic. Bulk Dry Whole NON-GMO Pods

Add the distinct flavor of vanilla to your home-baked and home-brewed recipes with grade-B vanilla beans by FITNCLEAN. Cut them into pieces, then submerge them in the alcohol of your choice to extract the flavor. The low moisture content of around 20 percent allows these beans to infuse without much water dilution. These natural vanilla beans are also highly aromatic, possessing a noticeable and pleasant fragrance. Use the derived extract in baking recipes, to add flavor to bread, cakes, and other baked goods. Sourced directly from Madagascar farmers, these raw vanilla beans are non-GMO, grown and harvested naturally and traditionally, and purchased at a fair market price. They come in vacuum-sealed, food-grade and BPA-free packaging and require no refrigeration.


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WHAT THESE PODS ARE: Extract Exclusive Grade Madagascar Organic Vanilla bean Pods - 4"-5.5" length (short) dry but very aromatic vanilla beans.

WHAT THESE PODS ARE NOT: These are not gourmet bean pods. Not ideal for caviar/seed scrapping. Get our Grade A or Grade A/B pods if intention is to scrap the caviar.

HOW TO USE THESE PODS: Chop them up into pieces and immerse them in alcohol and wait for the flavor extraction. More vanilla for quality extract at a lower cost, to shorten your extraction duration.

SAVE MONEY & HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HOME-MADE VANILLA EXTRACT: More vanilla to shorten your extraction duration; lower cost and quality extract. Our specially sorted Extract Exclusive Grade B pods are bourbon conditioned longer to eliminate more water weight with rich aroma.

WE ARE PROUD OF OUR BEANS & STRIVE FOR COMPLETE AND HAPPY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We go the extra mile to offer the best vanilla beans to our customers. If our beans do not meet your expectations, please email us and we will do whatever we can to meet your expectations.