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2oz Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans Extract Exclusive Grade B. Certified USDA Organic | Weight - 2 Ounces (1/8 Lb) by FITNCLEAN VANILLA Bulk Dry NON-GMO Pods

  • EXTRACT EXCLUSIVE GRADE ORGANIC MADAGASCR VANILLA BEANS: Our specially sorted Extract Exclusive Grade B pods are bourbon conditioned longer to eliminate more water weight with rich aroma; Low moisture content (dry) with strong aroma.
  • USES: For extraction - cut into smaller pieces, immerse in alcohol and wait for your vanilla flavor extract.
  • WIDE VARIATION IN SIZE: 4”- 6”, but each bag get the same mass - 2oz. About 32-45pods in each bag.
  • MORE VANILLA FOR LESS MONEY: More vanilla to shorten your extraction duration; lower cost and quality extract.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These are not Gourmet Beans; these are not Pods intended to easily scrap the caviar from. These are dry pods for extract-only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 240 reviews
Laureen L.
Excellent for DIY vanilla

If you're into making your own vanilla extract, these Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans are excellent. Despite being Extract Exclusive Grade, they have a strong aroma and are great for infusing flavor into alcohol. The pods are dry and easy to handle. Highly recommend for all DIY enthusiasts!

Michele S.
Ideal for Vanilla Extract

I've been using these Extract Exclusive Grade B vanilla beans to make my own vanilla extract, and they have exceeded my expectations. Despite not being the highest grade, they still provide a strong vanilla flavor and aroma. The shorter and drier pods work well for extraction, and the bag contains a generous amount of pods. Overall, a great choice for DIY vanilla extract.

Good Quality for the Price

Considering the price, these vanilla beans offer good quality. While they may not be gourmet grade, they are perfect for making extract. The low moisture content and longer bourbon conditioning ensure a pleasant aroma in your vanilla creations. The wide variation in size didn't bother me, as I still got a satisfactory amount of beans in each bag. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase!

Katharine Marquess
Impressive Aroma

I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma of these Madagascar Organic Vanilla Beans. They have a strong and enticing scent, perfect for enhancing sweet treats. While they may not be gourmet beans, they are excellent for making vanilla extract.

Good value for money

If you're looking for affordable vanilla beans for making vanilla extract, these are a great choice. The Extract Exclusive Grade B pods may not be the highest grade, but they have a strong aroma and are perfect for extraction. You get more vanilla for less money with these beans.