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11 Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans Grade A, Certified USDA Organic, 6" Length by FITNCLEAN VANILLA for Extract, Cooking and Baking, Bourbon Fresh Gourmet NON-GMO Whole Pods

Enrich your recipes with FITNCLEAN Madagascar Organic Grade A Vanilla Bean Pods. They are sourced directly from farmers in Madagascar at fair market price. These whole vanilla beans are non-GMO, cultivated, and harvested using natural, traditional methods which ensure a strong persistent aroma. Vacuum-sealed, food-grade packaging retains its freshness in transit and storage. Packed with seeds and high vanillin content of 2 to 3.5 percent ensures it has great flavor. A supple feel and high moisture level of 27 to 35 percent are other marks of their quality. The high vanillin levels may also lead to a crystal-like appearance with age. It can easily be split open, the caviar scraped off and added to ice cream, latte, cooking, and baked products. Chop these Grade-A vanilla beans and immerse them in alcohol to make home-made vanilla extract. The process creates a liquid that adds a distinct taste to bread, waffles, and many baked goods. It's also suitable for mixing into coffee, tea, and other beverages.


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Madagascar Grade A Organic Vanilla Bean Pods have a rich fragrance, measure at least 5.5" long and are plump with oily moisture, seeds and high vanillin content

Use these Organic Grade A vanilla beans for a wide variety of culinary purposes, such as baking, flavoring beverages and baked goods

BPA-free, food-grade vacuum-sealed packaging keeps Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans fresh in transit and storage.

For storage: keep the whole vanilla beans in an airtight bag in a cool, dry place for a shelf life of about 1 year. You don't need refrigeration.

FITNCLEAN Organic Madagascar Whole Gourmet Premium Vanilla Beans are NON-GMO, grown and harvested traditionally by Malagasy farmers

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