Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade B


Madagascar Vanilla Grade B
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Madagascar Vanilla Grade B
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FITNCLEAN VANILLA offers the finest and original Grade B Vanilla Beans that are primarily used in making vanilla extract. Our Grade B Vanilla Beans are perfect for making extract, giving a rich, dark, chocolaty flavor. Madagascar Bourbon Grade B Vanilla Beans is much drier than Grade A Vanilla Beans (~15-25% moisture content), which means less water content to interfere with your extract, and producing concentrated vanilla flavor making them ideal for homemade vanilla extract.

We know what brings you here! Our Grade B Vanilla Beans are just as aromatic as the Grade A.  They may be smaller and may have split, unlike our premium Grade A gourmet beans, but this isn’t something to be worried about, because the flavor is rich irrespective of the looks. In terms of functionality, these beans will work just magical in your homemade vanilla extract, but are not ideal for direct gourmet baking or cooking application.

Know your Grade B Vanilla Beans

The Extract Grade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans go through the same step-wise curing process as the Gourmet Grade A, and are even cultivated on the same farms that supply our Grade A beans. The extract grade vanilla beans may contain minor splits, cuts, and other imperfections of natural processing. This grade of vanilla beans ranges from very dry to a bit moist, but are not as moist as the Grade A beans. They may also be shorter than their gourmet counterpart and are not uniform in size.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans Grade B- Designed for Extraction

Grade B Madagascar vanilla beans though are usually shorter than their grade A counterparts, but could be as long as 7- 8 inches. Appearance could range from red to dark brown color. Given their often dry nature, you cannot split along the length and take the caviar/seeds out as easily as the moist gourmet grade A. Instead, simply cut the vanilla pods into multiple pieces and submerge in alcohol. Despite being dry, their essential oils are still intact and they will produce a flavor some and beautiful Vanilla Beans Grade B For Extract at a lower cost.

FITNCLEAN VANILLA is the ideal place to look for quality vanilla beans of all grades. We take the pride in offering very aromatic vanilla beans at competitive market price. In fact, we will match and beat anyone’s price by 10%. Our packages of Vanilla Beans are thoroughly inspected and vacuum-sealed for freshness and optimum shelf life. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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