Vanilla Beans for Extract

Vanilla Beans for Extract

With a sweet aroma like no other, vanilla is undeniably the world’s most famous food flavor. But where does this flavor originate? Vanilla is endowed with the flavor compound vanillin and other collaborating natural chemicals.

Here at FITNCLEAN VANILLA, we’re all about offering very aromatic grade vanilla for baking, cooking, brewing and extract. We are passionate about finding the best Vanilla beans for extract from around the world just for you!

The natural or pure Vanilla extract is made by macerating (soaking) vanilla beans in alcohol or non-alcoholic solution such as food grade vegetable glycerine. To make vanilla extract, the pods are chopped into pieces or split up to expose more surface area for the alcohol or non-alcoholic glycerine solvent to dissolve the flavor compound vanillin. The mixture is then aged for several months before it is ready to be filtered. Whiles, it aging it’s necessary to periodically (about once a week) shake the bottle with the mixture for continuous activation. It’s worth mentioning that there are different strengths of vanilla extract that are made by varying the amount of vanilla beans or the volume of alcohol/glycerine. For a pure 1-fold extract as characterized by the US Food and Drug Administration, the ratio is 100g vanilla beans to 1 liter alcohol. Of course, this can be scaled up or down based on your desired quantity. Our Grade B Vanilla Beans are particularly suited for alcohol/glycerine extraction. They have been cured for a longer duration to condense the flavor and also to eliminate more water moisture, which otherwise would have interfered with the extract process.

What are Extract Grade Vanilla Beans?

Extract grade vanilla beans are referred to as Grade B bean pods. They are rich in texture but contain less moisture than Grade A gourmet beans. This means our vanilla beans for extract have a far more concentrated flavor than others. However, the essence of this variety of vanilla bean only develops when it is concentrated in a liquid solvent extract.
The Grade B pods are physically less appealing than the Gourmet grade as they are drier, not as fresh and may have some imperfections often due to the long curing duration. The imperfections could also be due to splits and cracks from matured fresh green pods while on the vine, at the farm.  Whiles they are dry, they may or may not be supple; they could be brittle if they are very dry.

Vanilla Beans for Extract


Whatever may be the look, don’t get distracted from its real worth. They are packed with care keeping the aromatic flavor intact and are used worldwide to produce top-quality vanilla extract for baking, cooking to beverages, soaps and skincare lotions.

For the baking enthusiasts and professional chefs, the Grade B pods are perfect for vanilla-infused savory dishes as well as other treats.

FITNCLEAN Extract Quality Vanilla Beans

Typically, Grade B extract beans have a more concentrated flavor than Grade A beans but they need to be soaked in alcohol or non-alcohol extract solution (glycerine, for example) before the delicate essence is released. This makes Grade B vanilla beans an ideal choice for vanilla flavor extraction, either in large commercial amounts or small home-made quantities. The big difference between gourmet vanilla beans and extract vanilla beans lies in the moisture content of the beans. Extract vanilla beans have less moisture content than their premier counterparts.

Moisture content is important since its impact on the bean’s flavor and aroma profile. It takes a longer time to extract flavor from the drier bean than the oily bean, but the end result is of the utmost quality.

Grade B beans take a little more time and effort, they are dry and need to be steeped in liquid before they give their rich flavor and smell.The The Gourmet bean is moist and soft and it releases its aroma more quickly than the Grade B drier bean. Because they are fresh and moist, the seed caviar from Gourmet pods can be easily scrapped and directly added to your sweet treats or savory sauce.

Buy FITNCLEAN vanilla extract grade beans online and try your home-made vanilla extract. Home-made vanilla extract is a great present for the holidays, very handy for the special holidays baking and cooking.