Why Would You Want to Have More Vanilla in Your Life?

Vanilla, one of the most sophisticated fragrant spices, is also a powerhouse of nutrition with intense health benefits. Besides its ‘feel good’ flavor, vanilla is a potent antioxidant. Inarguably, oxidative stress and inflammation are the fundamental courses of most of today’s diseases such as obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD). It is indeed a great multi-tasking product to have in your natural health armory.

Vanilla extract referred to in other circles as the “magic potion”, is a solution made by processing vanilla pods or vanilla beans in a solution of alcohol and water. Of the three cultivated species of vanilla beans, Vanilla planifolia is the most widely used. The other 2 species – Vanilla tahitiensis and Vanilla mexicana while they are not as popular as V. planifolia, they are in no way inferior.  As expected, there are differences in the flavor among all 3 species. Historically, tribes and inhabitants of the pacific islands where most of the beans are cultivated have used the magic potion for all sorts of medicinal purposes including respiratory ailments, emotional stress, anxiety, infection and nutritional deficiencies. Vanilla is a labor-intensive cash crop; its pleasing flavor and the plethora of usage make it well-deserving of the attention and care needed to cultivate this plant.  So, the fruit of labor is the sweetest when the hard work for the plant’s cultivation pays off with the rich and delectable flavor of vanilla. Let us move onto the good stuff, the health benefits!

Premium vanilla extract

Natural Antioxidant

Free radicals are internal toxins of the cell. They can be caused by environmental pollution, poor nutrition, and emotional and physical stress. The free radicals cause oxidative stress that weakens the cells’ overall health. So, one can assume that if there are agents in vanilla beans that counter the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress then vanilla beans would offer some health benefit for the body. Of course, that’s exactly what happens. A recent study suggested that intake of enough vanilla could help people to get the required dose of antioxidants in a day.


Vanilla extract contains vanillin, an organic compound that has anti-inflammatory properties, to reduce inflammation. Additionally, it can also help boost the immune system and prevents harmful substances from attacking the body. Natives of vanilla bean growing regions have used vanilla extract to boost their immune system when contracted seasonal flu and other such ailments. Vanilla is believed to help combat colds, coughs, and other respiratory infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help to reduce the underlying causes of cough or sore throat. The anti-inflammatory property in vanilla is reported to help improve overall health.

Cosmetic and Beauty Properties

Beauty industries use vanilla extract in cosmetic products for accentuating its fragrance. Also, the antioxidant properties help neutralize potential skin problems caused by free radicals.

The medicinal contents in the vanilla fight against damaged cells and skin tissues in the body. The regular usage of vanilla oil as part of a daily body lotion beauty regimen is reported to enhance skin tone and texture.

Thus, healthy and consistent consumption of vanilla may have a nutritional impact on your general well-being. Apart from vanilla recipes, such as vanilla ice cream, cakes, and many more, now you have this precious spice to support your general health. Whether you buy whole vanilla beans to make your homemade vanilla extract, or the vanilla powder, adding more vanilla into your life will nourish you inside and out.

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