Cultivation Story of Tahitian Vanilla Beans

There is a simple saying that the finest vanilla flavor comes only from the finest vanilla beans. It is no denying the fact that the finest range of gourmet vanilla is the result of painstaking curing, conditioning, and care. Growing vanilla involves hard labor and dedication- indeed, a delicate and inevitably expensive operation. Choosing any shortcuts or limiting the process will simply diminish the product quality. Not too many crops require the attention and details of vanilla beans. In fact, it takes about 6 months of intricate care, post cultivation to obtain the cured vanilla bean fruit.

The Cultivation

It takes three to four years for vanilla vines to bear fruit. The flowering vanilla orchid is hand-pollinated to develop into the fruit pod.  Yes, you read it right!! It is hand-pollinated and all vanilla grown today is pollinated by hand. The natural means of pollination by wind and insects are so uncertain. Hand pollination may involve a lot of work, but considering the authentic taste and flavor of the product, a little extra labor is worthwhile.

As you have read, we have more than a little to say when it comes to vanilla beans. Let’s focus now on the Tahitian version of vanilla beans -Vanilla tahitiensis. Like coffee and wine, vanilla does have the same tendency, that is, its flavor is influenced by the place it is cultivated, as a result of the distinct methods used by the different regions/countries. Tahitian vanilla beans are characterized by a rich mild but persevering flavor. With a floral aroma and sweet notes, Tahitian vanilla is well suited for any baking delight. The bean pods of Vanilla tahitiensis are plumper and oily than the other variety of vanilla beans. The flavor of Tahitian vanilla is perfect for short bakes, as they are more susceptible to heat.

Culinary Uses

There are countless culinary uses for Tahitian vanilla, and possibly hundreds of recipes that will awe your taste bud. The vanilla flavor extract, the black tiny seeds in the pods, and the pod fruit itself are all useful for culinary purposes. The rich flavor makes it a favorite among the world’s best pastry chefs. One way you can enjoy Tahitian vanilla is to place it in a bag of sugar and allow it to leave its natural flavor over the course of several weeks. It can be used in pastry creams or you can add it directly to baked goods. Another way is by adding the Tahitian vanilla into coconut oil to create a pleasing fragrant body oil or cooking oil.

You can make Tahitian vanilla extract at home by submerging whole vanilla beans into a bottle of alcohol or glycerine (if you prefer the non-alcoholic extraction method). Give it a good shake every few days, and store it away from direct sunlight for at least eight weeks. You will have your own homemade Tahitian vanilla extract to use in cooking recipes.

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