A Whiff of Vanilla Candle to Set Your Mood

We all have those days where the sky is dark and gloomy and our mood is simply a little down. That’s okay, some days are a little darker than the others, but finding ways to light up your life is a necessity. Finding something that brings you serenity and peace, is essential to making it through those dark days. In those days, watching the wick on your candle burns with the essence of peace flowing all over the room could be that one thing that heals your mind and brings us back to normalcy. Vanilla is a scintillating aroma that can uplifts mood and boosts spirit on a gloomy day.

The aromatherapy benefits of the vanilla scent are said to help with inflammations, infections, menstrual pain, depression, and anxiety. No matter how you feel, the moment you strike a match to a vanilla-scented candle, you are going to relax your body, both physically and mentally. The vanilla-scented candle exudes that warm sense of comfort that comes along with the rich, floral, and fruity flavor of vanilla, while bringing an air of goodness with its sweet aroma.

Vanilla Flavored Candle

If you are candle obsessed, you know how picky you are about the candle scents. You could try your hand at making homemade versions! The task may seem daunting, but once it is done right, you will find it much fun and exciting! Home-made candle-making is trending now, and they could be the “next thing”. You can add coffee and vanilla flavor to the candles, and the aroma is so relaxing and captivating that you would just fall in love with it.

Candle making can be your next favorite hobby. All you do is melt wax and pour! The craft involves mixing wax to a fine texture, adding color(s) for a lovely finish and your required flavor to uplift your smell sensations. To make a vanilla candle, you will need 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Pour the essence into the melted wax and give it a nice stir with a skewer (or similar object) to make sure it is blended well. You can also add some coffee beans to give it a subtle vanilla latte scent. Trust me, you would like to eat your candle up but don’t.

Aromatherapy with Vanilla Essential Oils

For a stronger scent, you can add few drops of vanilla fragrance oil or use a combination of coffee and vanilla essential oils. Use 200 drops of vanilla essential oils for every 4 ounces of candle wax to get a mesmerizing aroma. The smell is the strongest of the senses that can influence brain activity. The brain controls the entire body. Inhaling essential oils excite specific brain centers, which send good feelings throughout the body. The smell of coffee and vanilla together make a perfect cozy duo.

Gift it or keep it!

The next time you are searching for a customized way to awe your friend on her birthday, we suggest gifting homemade vanilla-flavored candles enamored in attractive jars. You can also buy yourself a vanilla-scented candle to create your own “me time”. Whether you want it for yourself or you want to present it, you could always feel uplifted with an exquisite scent. We all need something that adds positive vibes to our darkest days, and for us, it may be the alluring scent of a handcrafted vanilla candle. So, there’s more to fragrance because it’s a gateway to memories, emotions, and experiences. They will bring ultimate vibes of tranquility, helping you to set the mood with your boo.

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