Great Product
They looked and felt fresh. Opened the vacuum-sealed bag and the smell was amazing. Bought them to make vanilla extract. There were 10 beans inside just as advertised. Shortest bean was 6 inches long. They came quick too.
— Dan

Impressive vanilla beans
So fresh and soft bean, and the flavor is out of this world. I made a vanilla bean walnut crust cheesecake for Christmas and everyone raved about it. Yes, they did meet my expectations.
— Mary

The best Vanilla beans so far!!!
Well packaged, vacuum sealed bag. Strong aroma & very oily. Lengthwise they are mostly around 6.5″ The beans really look healthy and it was the most competitive price I found through my search. Excellent purchase. If I need to, I’ll come for more. For now, my Vodka is waiting to receive the beans!!!!
— Collins K

Moist and full vanilla beans. I love them
Fat, moist and full. I have them soaking to make extract. Can’t wait!
— Anna

Floral highlights
Product arrived in a timely manner and was moist and supple. Made vanilla extract from all, but 1 bean and vacuum sealed that for 2-3 weeks. No problem retaining freshness but would strongly recommend immediate use. Cheated a bit and used some in chocolate cookies at the 6 week point. This vanilla has floral highlights and really compliments a good chocolate. Absolutely fabulous results. Highly recommend for most bakery items.
— Mike

Good value
Very strong vanilla flavor and aroma. Plump, moist, full beans all around 6″ length. I will definitely be buying again as long as the price holds.
— Ashley

Moist, aromatic, juicy!
These are some nice beans! Moist, aromatic, juicy! No mold, thank god! Read others reviews and was concerned about that! Making vanilla extract. Their marinating now. We’ll see how it goes. Gonna order more right now!
— Elle

Good value vanilla beans
I used the vanilla beans to make homemade vanilla. It is wonderful. The beans weren’t dry, were flexible, and had a nice amount of vanilla bean seeds.
— JC

Fantastic Vanilla beans
Beautiful, wonderful Vanilla beans. The beans were better than described, full of flavor and delicious! Each bean was at least 6″ and fantastic! Delivery was unexpectedly quick.
— Ann

Plump long flexible beans with no splits.
These beans were very fresh not dry or split and all at least 6 inches in length. A lot better than any other beans I’ve purchased in the last 2 years, no doubt grade A! After only 1 week my extract has taken on a dark hue and smells great!
— Jeff

Great quality product . . .
I took a chance on this as it had no reviews at the time of purchase. I bought the lowest priced 5 pack Tahiti Vanilla beans to try it out. The vanilla flavor filled the room as soon as I opened the package. The beans were moist and fresh. You could see the vanilla seeping out of the pods in the vacuum-sealed bags indicating the richness of the beans. I very much recommend these beans; 5-stars for me.
— N. Lewis